Annual Feast of St. Panteleimon: August 8th & 9th

Annual Feast of St. Panteleimon: August 8th & 9th

We are very happy to announce that following the trials of the past several years, our patronal feast of the Holy Great-Martyr and Healer Panteleimon will once again be held publicly. To our great joy, His Grace Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan will preside at the divine services. A Festal Vigil will be served at 6:30 pm on Monday, August 8th. At 8:00 am on Tuesday, August 9th, there will be a Lesser Blessing of the Waters followed by Hierarchal Divine Liturgy at 9:00am. At the conclusion of the Liturgy, there will be a special Festal Moleben to St. Panteleimon.

For eight days following the feast we will be serving a special moleben to St. Panteleimon, and we invite everyone to submit the names of those in need of his aid for commemoration during these services. Please use the form below to submit these names.

NOTE: Please do not use the comments form at the bottom of the page to submit your names to us. Use the green St. Panteleimon Moleben form below to submit them.

NOTE: Please do not use the comments form below to submit your names to us! Use the green St. Panteleimon Moleben form above to submit them.


  • Michael Wilson

    I want to state how tremendously beautiful is the video “from the Little Mountain” which you produced several years ago. I have watched it numerous times and am always blessed by the teachings it contains.

  • Victoria Brodetsky
    Thank you for your prayers.

  • Gabriel Barry

    The Fathers and especially Archimandrite Seraphim have been a big help to me, and i’m Eternally grateful for all you have done for our Country and I. Thank you guys so much for doing what you do, for being who you are, if only there were more of you and more of your monasteries throughout the country! Lord willing! + Thank you all for everything you do, every single day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. +

  • Anna

    Dear Fathers, thank you for your much needed prayers. May God always care for you and protect you.

  • Michael Hooper

    Please pray for Thomas Stone and Winfred Hooper(my father)

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