Monastery News

Church Construction Update
As announced last year, we have been hard at work completing the first phase of the construction of our new church. We are very happy to announce that, with the help of God, we have completed Phase One of the construction process, namely, all the infrastructure repairs and improvements necessary for the new church to be built.
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Designer Delivers Plans for the New Church
On Friday, September 27, our designer delivered to us his proposed plans for the new church. The new building is 92' x 48' internally, with a large covered wraparound porch bringing the total dimensions to approximately 110' x 70'. We estimate that the new church will comfortably fit numerous serving clergy and servers in the altar, 50 monastics in the stasidia, 150 faithful in the nave, an additional 50 faithful in the loft. There is also ample space in the covered porch (with the church doors open) in cases of very high attendance.
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Landslide Repairs Update
Dear Friends of Holy Cross Monastery,

Recently we shared news concerning the two serious landslides which occurred on the monastery grounds during Holy Week, and requested financial assistance to fund the necessary repairs.
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Fundraising for Urgent Landslide Repairs
During Holy Week, not one but two serious landslides developed on the Hermitage property: one immediately underneath the guesthouse, and another on the main road across from St. John's House. This latter slide threatens not only the entrance road itself, but also all of the monastery utility lines. The diameter of this slide is approximately 180 feet.
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