Monastery News

'New Men' Film Coming Soon
A new documentary film about our monastery is set for release on April 23rd. The project began two and a half years ago, when Sam Cox, a young filmmaker and spiritual seeker, approached Fr. Seraphim about making the film. 
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Designer Delivers Plans for the New Church
On Friday, September 27, our designer delivered to us his proposed plans for the new church. The new building is 92' x 48' internally, with a large covered wraparound porch bringing the total dimensions to approximately 110' x 70'. We estimate that the new church will comfortably fit numerous serving clergy and servers in the altar, 50 monastics in the stasidia, 150 faithful in the nave, an additional 50 faithful in the loft. There is also ample space in the covered porch (with the church doors open) in cases of very high attendance.
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Pilgrimage Weekend 2018
On Thursday, September 27th, the brotherhood of Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV celebrated their patronal feast, the Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord.
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