Deep Beehive Frames with Acorn Foundation Coated in Heavy Wax (10 pack)

Perfect for your brood chamber, honey super, nucs, and splits. Assembled by our neighbor Timothy Adkins. Thanks for supporting our neighbor Tim & our new church building project!

  • Deep Wooden Frames 9 1/8"
  • ACORN Foundation
  • Heavy Wax
  • Stapled & Glued
  • Packs of 10 frames
  • Preorder ships ASAP (details below)
SALE! Tim's First Frames - $37.00 per 10 pack
Very Limited Supply. Ships now!

Tim is learning how to make frames and starting from scratch with economy grade wood. While Tim is learning the trade with economy grade frames, we are offering you a sale. If you want to get decent frames, a good price, and to help us get this project started, these are the frames for you.

Commercial Frames - Preorder $40.00 per 10 pack
We are taking orders in advance and will ship frames as soon as Tim or the monks are able to assemble them. Orders will ship by early March.

The Story

Our neighbor Timothy Adkins needs work. We need help building our new monastery church. We started this frame assembly project so that Tim can support himself during winter while he helps us raise money for building our new church.

It's really difficult to make a living here in our depressed region of Appalachia, and the economic and social crises that swirl around us make it even more difficult. But beekeepers know that honey bees keep growing, multiplying, and living their own life no matter how difficult things become in the human world. We thank God that the bees provide resources for us and help us create businesses that depend more on the cycles of nature than any other factor.

No matter what is happening in the world, our amazing honey bees will keep growing and multiplying. That means that beekeepers will always need new frames for splits, nucs, and honey supers! Please consider helping Tim and our brotherhood by buying your deep frames from us.

Thanks and God bless. Your, Bee Monks.

Bee Monks Blog: 

Monks Create a New Frame Assembly Business in Appalachia

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