Icon Diptych - St. Nicholas & Guardian Angel


St. Nicholas is one of the most beloved Orthodox saints in the entire world. Both during his life and after his repose, this saint worked many miracles, revealing his compassion. The hierarch and wonderworker Nicholas proves to be a speedy helper and suppliant for all those hastening to him in prayer. He is the patron of travelers and we pray to him for deliverance from flood, poverty, and all other misfortunes. He is commemorated on Dec. 6th (O.S.) and May 9th (O.S.).

A Guardian Angel is vouchsafed to each Orthodox Christian at their baptism to help the fight the good fight and preserve their faith until death. A strong devotion to these two angels can prove a source of strength and refuge in times of temptation. >>Purchase the Akathist to the Guardian Angel

5" x 5" when fully open

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