Mother of God of Kazan (Masterwork)


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The Mother of God of Kazan is one of the most venerated holy icons in the Russian Orthodox Church. The icon was discovered on July 8, 1579, underground in the city of Kazan, after the Theotokos herself revealed its location to a little girl. The icon was credited by the Russian commanders - Dmitry Pozharsky and Mikhail Kutozov - with helping the country to repel the Polish invasion of 1612, the Swedish invasion of 1709, and Napoleon's invasion of 1812. The original icon was kept in one of the monasteries of Kazan, whereas its ancient and venerated copies have been displayed at the Kazan Cathedrals of Moscow, Yaroslavl, and St. Petersburg. Her feast is celebrated on July 8th and October 22nd (O.S.).

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