Schemamonk John Reposes in the Lord

Schemamonk John Reposes in the Lord - Holy Cross Monastery

Our dear brother Schemamonk John peacefully departed this life at 11:50pm on Sunday, August 9, the feast of the Holy Great-martyr and Healer Panteleimon, the patron of our monastery. The Canon for the Departure of the Soul was being read when he reposed. The whole community gathered immediately at his bedside, and the first pannykhida was then served by Archimandrite Seraphim, Archdeacon Sergius and the monastic clergy.

With the Psalter being read continuously, his body was cleaned and dressed in his monastic clothing and the Great Schema, and was then placed in a beautiful red oak coffin that had been specially made by a friend of the monastery. The monks carried his coffin from the infirmary into the monastic church, where the Psalter readings continued throughout the night until the funeral, which took place at 11:30am on Tuesday, August 10. On this day the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates the icon of the Mother of God of Tenderness, before a large copy of which Schemamonk John had spent the last two weeks praying in the monastery’s infirmary and before which he reposed in the Lord.

Please pray for the soul of our departed brother, Schemamonk John.

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