Wholesale Information

Wholesale Accounts

A wholesale discount is available for resale businesses and bookstores only (churches are not eligible for the wholesale discount, however a church bookstore is eligible).

If you represent one of these organizations and would like to open a wholesale account, please visit our B2B eCommerce site and fill out the request form. If you meet the requirements for a wholesale account, we will send you an email invite to create a login for the B2B site. 

See the bottom of this page for the discount schedule.


Placing a Wholesale Order

Wholesale orders may be placed through the B2B eCommerce site, or by phone, mail, fax, or email. Once you have created your B2B account, you can access wholesale pricing directly through the B2B site.

All prices are subject to change without notice. The wholesale discount does not stack with any sales or promotional discounts—whichever discount is greater will be the only one applied.


Trade Credit

It is our policy to require payment in advance on the initial order for all new customers. If you are a church or a wholesale customer, once you have completed your first prepaid order you may email us to apply for Net 30 payment terms (please note that receiving wholesale pricing through the process described above does not automatically enable Net 30 payment terms).

Invoices that remain unpaid after 60 days will be charged a 2% late fee each month on the remaining balance.



When a product is backordered, it will be sent to you via regular ground shipping as soon as it becomes available at no additional cost.


Discount Schedule

Qualifying Hermitage-Made Items (40% discount):

Hermitage Gift Collections (20% discount):

Pure Resin Incense (20% discount):