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Raised: $2,037,017.92

By the mercy of God, over the past decade our monastery has experienced tremendous growth. The brotherhood has more than doubled in size, and the flow of pilgrims is now much greater than at any time in our past. We have far outgrown the small chapel we built when we moved to West Virginia, and desperately need a new temple to accommodate both our countless visitors as well as the many men waiting to enter the monastery once room is built for them.

As a community of monastics we have always striven to live by the work of our hands, but in order to accomplish a God-pleasing work of this scale we need your help. To date we have saved and raised enough money to get halfway there, but we need your financial support to complete the funding necessary to build our new monastery church.

Designed by

Andrew Gould

It is his hope that pilgrims will see this church, and the monastic life of the community, and they will say “I understand this – it looks natural to my eyes; it feels almost inevitable in my heart.”

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The Abbot's Appeal

A Word from
Metropolitan Hilarion

"The Hermitage of the Holy Cross in Wayne, West Virginia is a spiritually vibrant monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. As a salvific refuge of ascetic labor and prayer for its monastic brotherhood, the monastery also plays an important role as a missionary  center for Orthodox Christians and seekers of the ancient Apostolic faith. May the blessings of the Lord be ever upon this holy place!"

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Construction Progress

Jan. 2022 Work resumes on church construction under a new contractor.

Nov. 2021 | Claim for faulty construction initiated with our former contractor's insurance company by our attorneys; window given for them to perform a site inspection by late November, at which time remediation work is scheduled to begin.

Oct. 2021 | A new contracting firm discovers flaws in the masonry work of the outer walls, necessitating remediation before progress can continue.

Jul. 2020 | Construction halted due to discovery of financial malfeasance by the contractor.

May 2021 | Footers are poured and outer walls are begun.

Nov. 2020 | Excavation of the construction site is completed.

Feb. 2020 | Years of infrastructural preparations are finished, including rerouting existing utility lines around the site of the future building, creating proper drainage paths and completely rebuilding the large rock retaining wall behind the site.

Sept. 2019 | Andrew Gould delivers the final design for the new monastery church and trapeza.

Jun. 2019 | Fundraising for our new church begins.