Monastery Address

Holy Cross Monastery
505 Holy Cross Rd
Wayne, WV 25570-5403
ph 304.849.2072

Important information for visitors.

Directions from I-64 near Huntington, West Virginia

Note: These directions correspond to the numbered circles on the map at the bottom of this page.

  1. Take exit #8, Hwy 152, and head south for 13.3 miles. You will pass through the town of Lavalette. After this, you will pass a shopping center on your left (with a Wendy’s and a KFC, and a Wal-Mart farther back from the road), then a saw mill on your right.
  2. Take the first left turn past the saw mill (crossing a bridge). This is Wilson Creek Rd. Go 4.1 miles on Wilson Creek Rd, keeping to the left at the first fork (follow the double yellow lines).
  3. Turn right at Millers Fork Rd. There is a sign which reads “Holy Cross Monastery.” Drive 1.5 miles on Millers Fork Rd.
  4. Take the Left Fork of Millers Fork Rd (at the fork you will see another sign for the monastery). Drive 2.2 miles.
  5. Watch for a larger sign: “Holy Cross Monastery.” Turn right at the gravel road. Drive 1/2 mile, passing over the large culvert, then bearing left and following the gravel road up a large hill (you will pass another large sign with information for visitors and a large wooden cross at the base of the hill).
  6. Coming to the top of the hill, you will pass several buildings to your left before coming to a gravel parking lot and another large wooden cross. You may park in this lot.
  7. If you are staying at the Monastery Guest House, pass through the monastery grounds continuing on the gravel road for another 1/2 mile. The Guest House is a log home on your right, next to a small cemetary. Parking is on the left.