Archimandrite Seraphim Hospitalized with Sepsis (UPDATED 1-31)

Archimandrite Seraphim Hospitalized with Sepsis (UPDATED 1-31) - Holy Cross Monastery

UPDATE 1-31-22

Fr. Seraphim remains in the ICU. Thank God, his bloodwork shows that the infection has largely been fought off. He has not had any fever in the last two days, and his blood pressure is good. The pleural effusion he developed last week has been mostly cleared up following a paracentesis (although another might be necessary at some point before he is discharged), which has greatly eased his breathing.

On the other hand, his kidney function remains reduced, and his atrial fibrillation is still very active despite being on medication meant to stabilize his heart rate. This especially has meant that he remains extremely exhausted. However he is in good spirits, and is receiving Holy Communion regularly.

Fr. Seraphim and all the brotherhood remain enormously grateful for everyone's prayers! Please continue to remember him and us until this trial is over.

UPDATE 1-27-22

As of early this morning, Fr. Seraphim has been moved to the ICU which has a more favorable nurse/patient ratio than the ER. His bloodwork is improving, although it shows that he is still fighting the infection. His atrial fibrillation, which was scheduled to be treated this week by an ablation which had to be postponed due to his going into septic shock, has been an added obstacle to his recovery throughout this ordeal. Other than his heart rate, his vitals have remained fairly stable over the last 24 hours thank God.

On Tuesday night Holy Unction was served for him in the hospital, and this morning he was able to make confession and receive Holy Communion. Miraculously, his severe atrial fibrillation went into remission just after receiving the Holy Mysteries. He is extremely exhausted but remains in good spirits. Your continued prayers are both sorely needed and deeply appreciated.

We will continue to share updates as we are able. Holy Great-Marty and Healer Panteleimon, pray to God for us!


Dear friends,

Yesterday while at a pre-op appointment for an upcoming surgical procedure, our abbot Archimandrite Seraphim developed a high fever and was taken to the ER. The doctors discovered that he has become septic and is in serious condition. He was of course admitted to the hospital, and will soon be transferred to the ICU for close observation. We ask everyone to pray fervently for Fr. Seraphim's swift healing. We will share updates as soon as we have them. Thank you!


  • Subdeacon Afanassy

    Archimandrite Seraphim has been on our prayer list in both the outside Chapel [OCSME] and the inside house Chapel [SAC]. I pray for him daily in the morning; and we all pray for him at every Vespers and Readers Liturgy. This is very sad, but we keep our hopes high and plead with Our Lord.

  • Angeliki

    Abba Father, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Blessed Theotokos, all of the Angels, Martyrs, and Saints -
    We come before You to ask for Your divine help and protection for your faithful servant Abbot Seraphim.
    We ask that Your Holy Spirit envelope and embrace him and his entire monastic family, dispelling any worry and giving them Your comfort and peace.
    We ask that Your presence come forth and guide the hearts, minds and hands of all those involved with his treatment and care.
    We ask that his body be healed, his mind refreshed, his spirit rejuvenated and his strength restored by Your radiant, loving light.
    Lord, we ask that Your healing and mercy be upon Seraphim, during his time of great need.
    In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

  • Nancy

    I am new to Orthodoxy. I have learned so very much from the live streaming of these services, for which I am very thankful. Praying to God for a speedy recovery for Fr. Seraphim. Saint Panteleimon please pray for the healing of dear Father Seraphim. Lord have mercy.

  • Daniel

    Ever in prayer. God grant many years to His servant.

  • matt

    I’m new to the faith. Archimandrite Seraphim taught me about the Jesus Prayer during an interview online. It has helped me greatly and I am grateful to him and I will pray for him and for you all during this trying time.

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