Fr. Seraphim Returns Home from the Hospital

Fr. Seraphim Returns Home from the Hospital
Glory be to God, Fr. Seraphim was released from the hospital this afternoon and returned home to the monastery tonight after Vespers! We thank God for bringing our beloved abbot back to us, and we thank all the countless people who have joined together with us in prayer for his health and recovery. Please continue to keep these prayers up, as he regathers his strength and continues to undergo several related medical procedures in the coming days and weeks.


  • Rosa Mahand

    Glory to God in the Highest! Father Seraphim we love you very much in Christ and continue to pray for you. May our most compassionate God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the prayers of our most pure Mother and All the Saints give you a speedy recovery.

  • Emily

    Glory to God! So very happy to know Father Seraphim is recovering at home, and looking so peaceful. Such good news.

  • matt

    Wonderful news! Father Seraphim will remain in my prayers…

  • Subdeacon Afanassy

    Thanks Be to God!

  • Steve Scafidi

    Thanks be to God! Our dear Fr Seraphim is a inspiration in his love and trust in Christ. Even in his health struggle Fr Seraphim leads us with his Holy example. We continue to pray for Fr Seraphim’s full recovery as well as for all of the Holy Cross brotherhood.

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