Monastery Livestreaming All Services Throughout Coronavirus Epidemic

Monastery Livestreaming All Services Throughout Coronavirus Epidemic - Holy Cross Monastery

Update: since the pandemic has passed, we are now streaming only some of our church services. Please visit our dedicated livestream page for the current schedule.

In order to console and nourish the faithful who are quarantined, Archimandrite Seraphim has blessed for the monastery church services to be livestreamed for the duration of this crisis. While viewing the services over the internet is certainly less than ideal, nevertheless it is the only way that many of the faithful now have to participate in divine worship. We wish to make our life of prayer for the world, which will continue unabated, available to those confined to their homes or who are otherwise unable to worship in their parish temple during this trying time.



Please feel free to share these links, as well as the schedule below, with anyone who might benefit from this ministry.

Since we are not currently receiving pilgrims or visitors, our income from donations and purchases in our gift shop will very likely be reduced. If you are able, please consider donating in order to help us continue our ministry of prayer for the sick, the suffering, and all the world.




  • Karen

    Thank you Fathers for making it possible for us to join in your prayer services. This was truly so beautiful, I felt like I was connected to the early Church of the disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The singing was so divine I could feel it in my spirit. Such a blessing from God to be able to experience this in the suburbs of Las Vegas! I’m so grateful you are here and pray I will be able to visit your Monastery in the future.

  • Kathleen Chamis

    Thank you for the lovely services,

  • Magdalena Thomas

    Greetings from Jordanville where the church is now unaccessible for laity.
    But what a joy to do the service with you all…especially the old-timers like me.

    Please pray for my daughter, Elizabeth-
    Allison who is very sick with the Virus now.
    All we can do is put our trust in God’s will for her…and wait and see?
    Love in Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem,

  • Lucia

    Thanks for sharing your church with us!
    Everything in the store is high quality and well organized. This Monastery is at
    the high standards!
    Lord bless and protect!

  • Seraphim

    Thank You Brothers for sharing your beautiful services and Divine Liturgy. God willing I may visit your monastery in the future.

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