Nicholas II: The Last Orthodox Tsar of Russia - A Video

Nicholas II: The Last Orthodox Tsar of Russia - A Video - Holy Cross Monastery

From, in honor of the feast of the Royal Martyrs yesterday, July 17th.

Emperor Nicholas II reigned over the Russian Empire for twenty-two years. With his murder, the last Orthodox Christian monarch, along with the thousand-year history of thrones and crowns in Russia, ended, ushering in an era of lawlessness, apostasy, and confusion—one that would sweep Holy Orthodox Russia into an abyss lasting more than seventy years.

This is a video production presented by Paul Gilbert, who did the research for this tribute, within the framework of the project for the book, The Romanov Royal Martyrs.

The Romanov Royal Martyrs is an impressive 512-page book, featuring nearly 200 black & white photographs, and a 56-page photo insert of more than 80 high-quality images, colorized by the acclaimed Russian artist Olga Shirnina (Klimbim), now appearing in print for the first time. 

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