Monastery News

Update on the New Church - 02/22
Shortly after our newsletter went out last summer, we encountered several major temptations in the construction of our new monastery church. We were alerted by one of the primary suppliers (with whom we have had a long relationship ourselves) that our general contractor had repeatedly failed to pay for materials delivered to our jobsite.
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Update on New Church Construction & Legal Situation (November 2021)
It has now been several months since we announced the halt of construction on the new church due to discovery of financial malfeasance by our contractor. We have spent these months working closely and coordinating with our attorneys, with various contracting and engineering firms, as well as with the church designer Andrew Gould, and we are finally ready to share an update on everything as well as the current outlook for continuation of the work.
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Church Construction Halted
We regret to report that construction on the new church has been brought to a halt. In mid-July, we discovered that our general contractor had not been paying his subcontractors. After attempts to resolve the issues in good faith failed, we reluctantly decided to terminate the contract. We have retained legal counsel and are currently in the process of identifying and paying all debts owed to subcontractors and suppliers. This is a necessary step to move forward. We are also searching for a new general contractor to take over the job.
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