Change to Church Service Livestream Schedule [Updated]

Change to Church Service Livestream Schedule [Updated] - Holy Cross Monastery

Update: As of August 25th, the Sixth Hour will no longer be livestreamed. This brief service can be easily read at home from the Horologion, and we are in the process of releasing a podcast with all of the Hours included as well. We will continue to broadcast the daily morning and evening monastic services going forward.

After much prayerful consideration, our abbot Fr. Seraphim has decided to make a change to our church live-streaming schedule. Going forward, our daily services will continue to be broadcast, but the Vigils and Divine Liturgies for Sundays and the Twelve Great Feasts will no longer be streamed.

This decision was made after considering the many reports we have received of live-streamed church services causing some of the faithful to no longer attend the divine services at their home parishes, despite the fact that by the grace of God church life has now essentially returned to normal. While we understand that there are a number of people who are in fact unable to travel to an Orthodox parish due to circumstances beyond their control, at the same time we need to consider the impact that our broadcasting of church services online has on the Church as a whole. We sincerely ask the forgiveness of those who are unable to attend church in person on Sundays and Great Feasts, and hope and pray that these people can find another way to participate in the church services on these occasions.

Again, our daily cycle of services will continue to be made available online, including the Vigils and Divine Liturgies on feast days other than the Twelve Great Feasts.


  • Gerasimos Kambites

    This decision is simply wrong. The few hundred of us who participate in your Monastic life in our homes will now suffer a great loss. I prayerfully advise a change of heart.The argument that the services on line cause a substantial dimminuation of in person service attendance is incorrect. With love in our Risen Saviour, I remain,


    Thank you for this information, this is such a Wonderful and Enlightening Opportunity, I appreciate you all so very much, I have great respect for all of you for putting in so much effort to bring-forth the Holy Gospel of the True Faith, Gods Bless you All.
    In Christ Jesus Holy Name
    STIGMATA, Linda Glendenning

  • Kathleen Chamis

    It was a wonderful treat
    To participate in the live
    Stream services especially
    During Covid but it is still
    Very much here
    Kathy Chamis

  • Mary R.

    Dear Fathers,

    This breaks my heart and leaves an emptiness like that experienced upon the death of a loved one. I will also miss the sermons – I look forward to them every week! I hope you will consider posting them on your website with regularity.. Thank you.

  • Anna Roth

    😢 I’m so sad 😞 always looked forward to listening in when I’m sick and can’t attend my church, But so understand and this had to be a hard decision to make. Thanks 🙏 for all the service’s

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