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Sermon for the Feast of the Nativity of Christ (2017)

There is a quote by Elder Aimilianos that I think is so appropriate for this Feast of the Nativity. The quote is this:

“That which we lack is precisely faith, not in the existence of God, but in the fact that He can do anything and does indeed do everything!”

This quote strikes right at the heart of our modern post Christian society and raises all sorts of questions:

Is God really involved in our daily lives? Can God really heal diseases? Does God care about my sufferings? Can God reverse the elements of nature?

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Sermon for the Sunday before Nativity (2017) - The Holy Fathers
Today, all the Saints who shone forth—both before the Law and under the Law—in Old Testament times, those times before grace and truth shone forth from our Incarnate God and Savior Christ; today, all these Saints are commemorated by the Church as co-heirs of Christ, co-equal with all the New Testament Saints—Apostles, Martyrs, Hierarchs, Monastics and Righteous Ones.
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Sermon for the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers (2017)

The Holy Scriptures teach that, in the beginning, the curse of Adam would be overturned and that Adam’s heel would crush the head of the serpent. We have already begun to hear the echoes of this: the Virgin shall be with child. This will only become more thunderous as we draw closer to that august day when we celebrate the Nativity of God in the flesh, the second person of the Holy Trinity, our Lord Jesus Christ.

But today, today we recall the path which the fulfillment of this promise took and the people through which this miracle came to pass – the Forefathers, that is, the ancestry of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

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Sermon for the 27th Sunday after Pentecost (2017) - Kursk-Root Icon
The season has changed, we have entered into the Nativity Fast; the spiritual atmosphere has become different. What is taking place is not just outward. Of course, we see the colors in Church change; we temporarily abstain from certain foods; and we already hear the joyous news that “Christ is born!” However, these outward changes are simply a natural expression of the change which is taking place within us.
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Sermon for the 26th Sunday after Pentecost (2017)

In today’s Gospel, we see a certain rich man completely bereft of humility and prayer to God; one who relies completely upon his own understanding and power. Seeing his earthly prosperity, he first asks himself—and not God—a question: “what shall I do?” Then, answering himself, he says: “this will I do…” And he continues in this self-reliance, even telling himself what he will counsel his own self in the future, saying, “And I will say to my soul.” The rich man is seen comforting his own soul with temporal comfort, prosperity, vanity and self-deception. No thought of God or the next life enters within his thinking.

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