Sermons & Homilies

The Words of Our Mother - A Sermon for the Annunciation (2023)
My brothers and sisters, we arrive today at one of the most joyful feasts of the entire Church year. Amidst the desert of Great Lent, the Annunciation comes as a true oasis for our parched and thirsty souls. As the troparion of the feast exultantly exclaims: “Today is the fountainhead of our salvation, and the revelation of the mystery which is before the ages!”
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Sermon for the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost (2016)
The Epistle reading for today encompasses the whole Divine economy, what God has done for our salvation. In it, we read about justification, faith, grace and the love of God. For us to understand these realities, we need to look at the whole scope of history beginning in the Garden of Eden.
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