Sermons & Homilies

Praise, Blessing, Joy, and Thankfulness in Prayer - A Sermon for Ascension (2022) - Holy Cross Monastery
The Ascension of the Lord into Heaven is the culmination of Christ’s life, that life in which our deification is found. The Ascension of the Lord into Heaven is the crown to every other activity within the life of our Saviour because it is the clearest and final revelation of God’s love wherein the second person of the Trinity united Himself to humanity, redeemed that humanity through the Cross and Resurrection, and then raised it up to sit at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.
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What Kind of Triumph Do We Seek? - A Sermon for Palm Sunday (2021) - Holy Cross Monastery
We celebrate today the Great Feast of the Triumphal Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. Today Christ enters openly and boldly into the holy city, no longer in secret, no longer hiding Himself to forestall the fury of the Jews, for He knows that His hour to be glorified is now at hand. And so on this day He makes his entry into Jerusalem with glory — at least, in a certain sense with glory.
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