Sermons & Homilies

Who Are We? - A Sermon for Palm Sunday (2022)
Today we to set out with Christ upon the path to His Crucifixion and Resurrection. There are many personalities which are met along the way of Christ’s Passion as seen in the Gospels and Hymnography. Who are we? Where do we stand in relation to Christ?
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Humility & Love - A Sermon for the Sunday of Orthodoxy (2022)
Today we celebrate the Triumph of Orthodoxy. The Holy Fathers explain that Orthodoxy is the unerring vision, and understanding, of the Holy Trinity and the entire Incarnate Dispensation of Christ, One of the Trinity; the correct teaching about created things; and the practice of the commandments which instill within us the purifying virtues, above all, humility and love.
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What Kind of Triumph Do We Seek? - A Sermon for Palm Sunday (2021)
We celebrate today the Great Feast of the Triumphal Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. Today Christ enters openly and boldly into the holy city, no longer in secret, no longer hiding Himself to forestall the fury of the Jews, for He knows that His hour to be glorified is now at hand. And so on this day He makes his entry into Jerusalem with glory — at least, in a certain sense with glory.
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