Sermons & Homilies

Sermon for the Sunday of the Paralytic (2015)

On the Fourth Sunday of Pascha both the reading from the Holy Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles describe miraculous healing. Our Lord heals a paralyzed man who had suffered this affliction for thirty-eight years, while the Apostle Peter heals another paralyzed man, Aeneas, who had been afflicted for eight years, and then raises a maiden, Tabitha, from death itself.

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Sermon for Thomas Sunday (2015)


On this first Sunday after Pascha we remember our beloved St. Thomas – a great saint, apostle and martyr of the Church. Too often we remember St. Thomas as “doubting Thomas” – as if “doubt” was his defining characteristic. Often we’ve heard the term “doubting Thomas” in reference to somebody who is unbelieving, a skeptic, or somebody who cynically refuses to believe.

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