Sermons & Homilies

On Remembrance of Death - A Sermon for the Sunday of St. John Climacus (2024)
I think most, if not all of us, are familiar with St. John Climacus, and his eloquent, witty, and above all soul-saving teaching found in the Ladder, moderately balanced between stern spiritual sobriety and loving fatherly humor. This is the reason for his significance in the Church for both monks and laity, revealed by a whole Sunday during Great Lent being dedicated to him. Because of the shortness of time allotted to a Sunday sermon, I want to focus on just one aspect of his teaching.
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When God Doesn't Hear - Homily on the Syrophoenician Woman (2024)
Why doesn’t God hear us all the time? Why doesn’t He always answer right away and give us what we pray for? Oftentimes, it’s the very struggle to be patient and persevere that engenders in us the faith and humility required for God to accept our prayers. That’s why He withholds our requests from us. It’s not because He is heartless and unfeeling.
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