Scented Candle Suggestions

To enhance your experience with Hermitage scented candles, we recommend the following practices:

  • Before each use, trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch. Be sure to use a sharp wick trimmer to prevent the wick from forming split ends and causing the wick to mushroom.
  • When burning for the first time, allow the candle to burn long enough (3-4 hours) to melt the whole top layer of the candle. Soy candles have 'memory', and if they are not allowed to melt all the way they will begin tunneling.
  • If the candle starts burning to one side, wait until you have a good melt pool, then blow out the candle and re-adjust the wick. Hermitage scented candles use cotton wicks which do not always remain completely centered, but this is easily remedied and is much safer than using metal-core wicks.
  • While soy candles usually burn very cleanly, soot may still be created if the candle is not burning properly or if the candle is in a drafty area. The soot is easily removed by wiping the jar with a damp cloth.
  • Because the candles are hand-poured, you may notice that the top does not look perfectly smooth (this may also happen after the candle cools after use). This happens frequently with soy wax, but it does not cause any problem; continue to use the candle as directed.
  • To extinguish the candle you may blow it out, or else you may use a metal implement (such as a closed wick trimmer) to dip the wick into the melted wax and then straighten it again. The latter method will prevent smoking and will help the wick to be easily lit on the following occasion.
Approximate burn time when following our suggestions: 45-50hrs