Burial of Nadya Sill at the Monastery

Burial of Nadya Sill at the Monastery - Holy Cross Monastery

On Friday, November 2nd, the funeral was served for Nadezhda Sill at Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Wayne, WV, following which she was buried in the lay cemetery of Holy Cross Monastery. Eighteen years ago Nadya, together with her husband Moe, donated the land in Wayne at which the monastery now resides. This property had been their home for thirty years, and it is with much gratitude that the brotherhood welcomes Nadya home until the day when the Lord returns to call her, along with all the faithful, to our homeland in the heavens.

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  • John and Juliana Thorp

    May her memory be eternal. In the name of the Father, the Son, and he Holy Spirit, we pray You forgive Mrs. Nadya of any sins and transgressions, that You protect her, and comfort Moe and all her loved ones.

    It was a great blessing to have worshiped with her when the Iveron icon was with us.

    You all are in our daily prayers. God bless you.

  • Lesley Waggoner

    I met Nadya in 1985 when I was hired at the Corps of Engineers. I am from Wayne. She and I often spoke of this land and her vision for it. She was a woman with inner strength and strong beliefs. I admired her.

  • eddie price

    We will thank you and remember you, for your gift of the land, and your example to all of us.
    Мы будем благодарить вас и помнить вас, за ваш дар земли и ваш пример для всех нас.

  • Very Rev. Nektarios Serfes, Boise, Idaho

    Memory Eternal Nadya
    +Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
    Boise, Idaho
    I shall always remember in prayer the Memory of the good handmaiden Nadya and may our Lord God give strength to Moe, and comfort.
    What a remarkable soul was Nadya her love for the Orthodox Church and for others was truly remarkable. In addition Nadya knew much about her faith and lived it well.
    I had the great blessings to pray at the Chapel of their home before becoming a monastery as it stands today because of her and her husband great love for the Church.
    I am pleased to learn she is now buried on these holy grounds of daily prayer.
    Peach to her soul.

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