Monastery Breaks Ground on New Church

Monastery Breaks Ground on New Church - Holy Cross Monastery

By the mercy of God, as of Monday November 9th we have officially broken ground on our new church. At noon the brotherhood of Holy Cross Monastery, led by Archimandrite Seraphim, served a moleben at the site of the new temple and sprinkled the entire area with holy water. Immediately afterward our contractors began excavation work. We intend to move quickly in order to be able to pour the footers before the weather gets too cold, and earnestly entreat everyone to pray for the good success of this undertaking which we have been desiring to begin for such a long time.

Unfortunately, the cost of construction has grown to be significantly higher than originally anticipated, in part due to the remoteness of our location and also in large part due to the decision to outfit the lower level as a kitchen and monastic trapeza as our current dining hall is now on the brink of collapse. We have therefore decided to divide the construction into phases, and complete each phase as our funds permit.

We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received thus far, and we entreat you to consider making a monthly or one-time donation as you are able so that we can continue construction and complete the new church and trapeza with as few interruptions as possible. Above all, please remember us and this undertaking in your prayers to the Lord, and know that you remain in our unworthy prayers as well.


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