Monastery News

Church Construction Update - February 2023
In the past year, we have seen our new temple truly begin to take shape. Our new contractor began work on the project at the start of 2022, correcting some structural issues with the existing walls and moving forward with the remainder of the construction. But West Virginia’s winter meant that it was slow going at first.
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Church Construction Picks Up Speed
Immediately after the visit of the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hear," the pace of construction immediately began to increase notably. Progress is being made quickly on the walls (including the bell tower), and our contractor hopes to have everything up to ground level within the next few weeks. Following that, the plumbing will be laid and the floor of the basement poured.
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Update on the New Church - 02/22
Shortly after our newsletter went out last summer, we encountered several major temptations in the construction of our new monastery church. We were alerted by one of the primary suppliers (with whom we have had a long relationship ourselves) that our general contractor had repeatedly failed to pay for materials delivered to our jobsite.
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