Monastery Closed Temporarily & St. Panteleimon's Day Cancelled

Monastery Closed Temporarily & St. Panteleimon's Day Cancelled - Holy Cross Monastery

UPDATE: we are gradually resuming a normal liturgical schedule as the brotherhood recovers from the coronavirus outbreak. The service schedule on our church livestreaming page will be kept continuously up-to-date as the services are reintroduced.

As of Thursday, August 12, Archimandrite Seraphim, Fr. Benedict, and Fr. Damascene have all been released from the hospital and are recovering at home. Altogether 20 of our 26 community members have fallen ill with the coronavirus, but thanks be to God and to St. Panteleimon everyone is either stable or recovering.

Please note that due to this outbreak of the virus, Fr. Seraphim has decided to close the monastery to visitors through the end of August.

Because we are very shorthanded, orders are being fulfilled more slowly than normal. Please allow us at least a few additional days to get your orders shipped.

Thank you for your understanding, and please keep us in your prayers during this time.


  • Julia Kovalev

    Gospodi, pomilui! You are all in my prayers.

  • Ray George Baker

    Prayers for all the Monks at Holy Cross
    for a speedy recovery!
    Saint Panteleimon pray for us!

  • Anthony

    Lord Have Mercy! You are all in my Prayers.

  • Nancy Post

    You are all in my unworthy prayers. May God grant healing, protection, and strength. Thank you for your prayers and online streaming of services. They are a source of comfort and strength.

  • Frances Antonopoulos

    God bless you all, praying for you all to return to complete health.

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