Ordinations of Hieromonk Paisios & Hierodeacon Macarius

Ordinations of Hieromonk Paisios & Hierodeacon Macarius - Holy Cross Monastery

On January 10th, the eve of the Feast of the Holy Innocents, Metropolitan Hilarion graced the brotherhood with his presence and prayed with us during the evening divine services.

On the following day, he served the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. At the Small Entrance, he elevated Fr. James, who is now attached to the parish of Christ the Savior in Wayne, WV, to the rank of Archpriest; he also awarded Fr. Nektarios, the superior of St. John’s Skete in Ohio (a dependency of Holy Cross), the right to wear the gold cross. In addition, the Metropolitan elevated the first deacon of the parish, Fr. Jeremiah, to the rank of Protodeacon.

At the Great Entrance, the second hierodeacon of Holy Cross, Fr. Paisios, was ordained to the holy priesthood. After the consecration of the Holy Gifts, Subdeacon-monk Macarius was ordained to the diaconate.

Already filled with the joy of the grace of our Lord’s Incarnation in the flesh, the Metropolitan, our Abbot Archimandrite Seraphim, the priests, deacons, monastics, laity, friends and pilgrims, were all filled with gratitude for the additional outpouring of grace on this festive occasion.

We ask all of you for your continued prayers and support. Please make special and fervent intercession for the newly-ordained and newly-awarded clergy, that they might be filled with all virtue and grace, shining the light of Christ upon the Church and all the world to the glory of God.

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