Panforte Fig Walnut 8 oz.


Panforte are back and baked exclusively at the Hermitage!

This traditional dessert is a rich and chewy spice cake (the name means "strong bread" in Italian). It combines dried fruit and nuts, honey, sugar, oat and almond flours, and spices, all baked slowly to produce a moist, flavorful, delectable cake. It goes well with red wine, sweet wine, coffee, or tea, and makes a tasty snack at any time of day.

We're baking four flavors year-round:

  • NEW! Mango Pecan—Mango, pecans, and dried cherries are spiced with smoked paprika and orange zest, with a dash of hot chili powder, for a sweet and savory treat.
  • Fig Walnut—Figs, walnuts, and black currants meld together with a dash of nutmeg and cloves for a hearty cake full of warm, wintertime flavors.
  • Apricot Almond—Candied ginger and lemon zest give a delicious zing to this combination of turkish apricots, almonds, and hazelnuts.
  • Date Pistachio—Deglet noor dates, savory roasted pistachios, golden raisins, cardamom, and orange zest put a Middle Eastern twist on this flavorful cake.

All-natural, dairy & gluten free*!

Each cake weighs 8 oz.

*Baked in a facility that processes gluten.

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