Virtual Bricks

By the mercy of God, over the past decade our monastery has experienced tremendous growth. The brotherhood has more than doubled in size, and the flow of pilgrims is now much greater than at any time in our past. We have far outgrown the small chapel we built when we moved to West Virginia. and desperately need a new temple to accommodate both our countless visitors as well as the many men waiting to enter the monastery once room is built for them.

We have always striven to live by the work of our hands, but to accomplish a God-pleasing work of this scale we also need both your prayers and your financial support. We have finally begun the excavation and foundation work, but we currently only have enough funding to complete the building shell.

Prayer is the essence of monastic life and labor. In order to accomplish our goal of building a temple in which to fittingly offer prayer and worship to the Lord God on behalf of the entire world, we are offering virtual 'bricks' that enable our Benefactors, Friends and Founders to directly contribute to the construction and material needs of this project. Please note that 'virtual bricks' are not a physical brick that will be shipped to you or used in construction; they are instead a virtual way for our supporters to contribute directly to the construction fund for the new monastery church here at Holy Cross.

Each 'virtual brick' that is donated to the monastery can be given in commemoration of yourself, a family member, a friend or a loved one who has fallen asleep in the lord. A thank you note will be sent to each recipient with the details of the gift that was made in their name.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the growth of Orthodox Monasticism here in America. Depending on what God has given you and what your heart wishes to offer back, please consider purchasing one or several ‘Virtual Bricks’ to help us accomplish this labor of love for the Lord God and His Holy Church. We are grateful for any contribution, no matter how big or small that is offered in free will and in love.