Blessed Art Thou among Women


PaTRAM Institute is delighted to present Blessed Art Thou among Women, a new recording of Orthodox choral music. Comprised of the works of many great Russian composers, all celebrating the theme of Russian Orthodox hymns dedicated to the Holy Theotokos, Blessed Art Thou among Women is performed by the Grammy award nominated PaTRAM Institute Singers™, a professional group of Russian and American male and female vocalists, joined by soloists Glenn Miller (basso profundo), Fotina Naumenko (soprano), Protodeacon Leonid Roschko, and two vocal quartets. This very special album is dedicated to the memory of Protoprebyter Valery Lukianov and was recorded in the St. Alexander Nevsky Diocesan Cathedral, which was engineered and built by Fr. Valery. This magnificent structure is considered to be one of America’s architectural gems and is adorned with frescoes of stunning beauty and a rich and worshipful acoustic. The release was recorded and mastered by multi-Grammy winner and nominee, SoundMirror, under the superb leadership of Grammy nominated conductor Maestro Peter Jermihov and distributed by multi-Grammy recording company, Reference Recordings. PaTRAM Institute co-founders Alexis and Katherine Lukianov served as Executive Producers and singers.

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