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Vol. 4 - Family Life (Elder Paisios)

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The fourth volume of Elder Paisios' spiritual counsels, newly translated into English.

Topics include: love and trust as the foundation of the family, the benefits of forbearance accompanied by prayer, the mutual duties and obligations of parents and children, simple and practical advice on how to live a spiritual life within the family, the proper understanding of and response to trials and temptations, and finally the Elder's teaching on how to confront and prepare for death.

From the Preface: "From early on, the Elder took an active role within the great family of the Church, as he felt that he no longer belonged to his own small family. He acquired divine love and became a child of God. This is why he felt all people to be his brothers, and loved each and every one with the affection of Christ Jesus (Phil 1:8). He used to say to us, "When I see an old man, I say that he is my father. When I see an old woman, I say that she is my mother. When I see a young child, I see that child as my brother's child. I love everyone. For some I feel glad and for others I feel pain. Do you know what this is?"  So, according to each one's circumstances, he would become their child, brother, father, grandfather. It was the sincerity of his love which helped whoever came to him to undergo the good transformation, to accept the word of God and to live accordingly. As a member of the Body of Christ, he not only prayed with pain for those who faced problems in their families, but he also helped with his advice, when it was asked for, for even the most private aspects of family life, even though he himself lived as an ascetic... On the one hand, the themes of this volume can help those who are struggling in the world, in order to continue the good fight (1 Tim 6:12) with greater zeal. On the other hand, these themes can awaken the conscience of people who are far from God and are enduring hardships, so that they may resolve to become conscientious members of the Church and enjoy, within the small community of their family, the peace and comfort provided by spiritual life..."

327 pp., softcover

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