Path to Confession


Here before you, my young friends, is a curious book. It was written for children but grown-ups may also find it interesting. It wasn't meant as entertainment but it will captivate you nonetheless, and even though our narrative is serious, it contains many wonderful pictures. This isn't a book of fairy tales, legends or fables, but it will show you the way to a country that has no equal in any country on earth, for it was created by the All-Wise God in His own image and likeness. It's a wonderful place, not far from each of you, and it's called... your own soul.

Fr. Artemy, pastor of All Saints Church in Moscow here offers a way to prepare our children (and ourselves) for the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion. Tens of thousands of books have been sold in the original Russian version, and now English-speakers can benefit from Fr. Artemy's gentle, sober counsel. With beautiful, full-color illustrations on every page, The Path to Confession is a feast for the eye as well as the soul.

128 pp., color illustrations, hardcover

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