Psalms and the Life of Faith


The third volume in the collected works of Elder Aimilianos consists of spiritual and theological interpretations of twelve Biblical Psalms. The Psalms are poems composed by King David to be sung with musical accompaniment; moreover, they comprise the daily spiritual bread of Orthodox Christians, and bestow inexhaustible grace upon the faithful.

The Psalms included in this volume - and brought vividly to life by the interpretation of this illustrious and tireless Elder - are a valuable legacy of faith, a treasure of knowledge, and a source of ineffable joy. The Elder's interpretation of the Psalms remains a work of enduring spiritual value, for which reason every reader will find this volume a priceless possession. The energy and immediacy of the original texts are well captured in this superlative translation, which is supported by a wide-ranging introduction, extensive notes, and indices.

Hardcover, 372 pp.

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