Royal Green Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra)


From the deserts and mountains of southern Oman comes Royal Hojari, the finest frankincense in the world. Harvested from the tops of the youngest frankincense trees, Royal Hojari is all-natural and pure. Because of its rarity and unsurpassed quality, Royal Hojari is the frankincense reserved by the Sultan of Oman for his own personal use. 

This beautiful jade-colored resin has a fragrance both delicate and refined, with a complex bouquet containing notes of citrus, pine, honey and eucalyptus. Producing an exquisite aroma when burned, Royal Hojari is especially ideal for worship and prayer, and is the best choice for those with respiratory sensitivities.


PLEASE NOTE: Because Hojari Frankincense is hand-cut to order, it may take an additional 3-4 days before orders are ready to ship.

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