The Prologue of Ohrid - Lives of Saints, Hymns, Reflections, and Homilies for Every Day of the Year


St Nikolai of Zica (Velimirovic) (1880-1956) has been called the “Serbian Chrysostom” for his theological depth and golden tongued eloquence. He had an ardent desire that the whole world recognize the Orthodox salvific truth of Christ, Who is revealed and glorified through His Saints. For this reason, he wrote the Prologue of Ohrid, a compendium that includes the Lives of Saints, Hymns, Reflections, and Homilies for every day of the year. An inspirational source-book of the Orthodox Faith, it contains a summation of the Church’s wisdom and experience of sanctity through the grace of Christ, and has become a much-loved spiritual classic for Orthodox Christians worldwide. 

This new edition of the Prologue is revised and expanded to include many saints from among the various Orthodox peoples over the course of the past ninety years, who are not found in the original 1928 edition. Among these new saints are, the holy Elders Porphyrios and Paisios, the holy Bishops John of San Francisco and Mardarije of Libertyille, and thousands of New Martyrs. 

Vol. I - 784 pages

Vol. II - 840 pages


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