Cemetery Expansion

Cemetery Expansion - Holy Cross Monastery

For several years now our cemetery has not had any available spaces, but with God’s help, we are again able to accommodate people who wish to be buried on the monastery grounds. This year, we are undertaking a landscaping project that will significantly expand our cemetery, creating 70 additional plots. This new section of our cemetery adjoins the preexisting section located near the monastery guest house.

In addition to the ongoing physical care of the gravesites, our brotherhood lovingly prays for the souls of all those laid to rest on our property, and we are pleased that our friends and supporters again have the opportunity to benefit from the rich cycle of liturgical commemorations and private prayers that the monastery provides. Each new plot costs $3,500 and is available to all Orthodox Christians and their spouses. If you are interested in purchasing a plot, please contact us at cemetery@holycross.org


  • Holy Cross

    Dear Fr. Michael,

    The price is per plot but includes most expenses (opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care, includes the burial service and all liturgical commemorations at the monastery but not the funeral service itself, does not include transportation to the monastery or vault or casket) and it also includes a permanent large Orthodox cross as a grave marker. Please contact us at cemetery@holycross.org for inquiries regarding the stone monuments. Thank you!

  • Fr Michael Walker

    Is this for two graves together or one? Does this include all expenses involved or just the land use? Obviously not the grave stone or vault and casket. Also where do you get the beautiful headstones?

    Thank you!
    Fr Deacon Michael

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