Monastery News

A Heartfelt Thanks to All Who Helped In Our Time of Need
On behalf of Archimandrite Seraphim and all the brotherhood of Holy Cross Monastery, we want to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the many hundreds of people from across the country and even across the world who have stepped forward to help us through our recent crisis. We are immensely grateful to God for each and every one of you, and cannot begin to express our gratitude and love in words.
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Ice Storm Update 3/1/21

UPDATE 2pm: we have once again lost power, perhaps due to the massive flooding that has occurred over the past two days.

Glory to God, the monastery finally had its power restored this past weekend after an outage of nearly two weeks following the severe ice storm of Feb 15th. However, phones and internet service are still down and the divine services are therefore unable to be live-streamed. Business operations have resumed, but we are severely backlogged and stock levels are sorely depleted since production was largely halted during the two weeks of the power outage.

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Severe Ice Storm Damage & Emergency Appeal
Two ice storms - the first on February 11th and the second on February 15th - have devastated West Virginia and the surrounding region, constituting the worst natural disaster in over a decade. The weight of the massive layer of ice left by the storms caused the collapse of a huge number of trees, destroying countless buildings and crippling infrastructure throughout the entire state. Our county of Wayne was the hardest hit in the entire state. The monastery itself has sustained serious damage and been left without power, phones, or internet service for over a week amidst sub-freezing temperatures. However, thanks be to God everyone at the monastery is safe and nobody was hurt during the storm.
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Keeping Busy...
With the absence of the typical flow of pilgrims through the monastery, it is in many respects a quieter place than usual. But that doesn’t mean we’ve found ourselves with any fewer tasks to fulfill in our daily obediences.
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Cemetery Expansion
For several years now our cemetery has not had any available spaces, but with God’s help, we are again able to accommodate people who wish to be buried on the monastery grounds. This year, we are undertaking a landscaping project that will significantly expand our cemetery, creating 70 additional plots. This new section of our cemetery adjoins the preexisting section located near the monastery guest house.
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