Church Construction Halted

Church Construction Halted

We regret to report that construction on the new church has been brought to a halt. In mid-July, we discovered that our general contractor had not been paying his subcontractors. After attempts to resolve the issues in good faith failed, we reluctantly decided to terminate the contract. We have retained legal counsel and are currently in the process of identifying and paying all debts owed to subcontractors and suppliers. This is a necessary step to move forward. We are also searching for a new general contractor to take over the job.

Our previous general contractor is disputing the termination of the contract, despite having failed to pay obligations to subcontractors and suppliers and forcing us to satisfy his debts to avoid subcontractors and suppliers placing liens on our property. Our attorneys are working to ascertain all relevant information (including hiring an expert to assess the total value of work done on the project to date), and will be advising us on how best to proceed in this matter.

We apologize sincerely to all of the many people who have contributed toward the new church, and want to assure everyone that we are doing everything in our power to rectify the situation and get construction back on track. We will share further updates as soon as we can. Please pray that God will help us through these difficulties and bless the construction efforts going forward!


  • Michael Kelly

    Sorry sorry to hear this news. Praying that what the devil has used to disrupt this glorious church God will use to perfect your efforts and strengthen His Kingdom! All the glory to Him! Bless you all and continued healing! ❤🙏

  • Bradley G Oglesby

    I am so sorry to hear of this. It is a sad reminder that Satan is in active pursuit of attacking God’s Kingdom. Yet, also an opportunity to offer our additional supplications and prayers.

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