New Matching Funds Campaign Launches for New Church!

New Matching Funds Campaign Launches for New Church! - Holy Cross Monastery

We are grateful to announce that, thanks to the generosity of several benefactors, we are launching a new matching funds campaign for the construction of our new church. The campaign will run through Pentecost, and the first $200,000 to be donated will be matched dollar for dollar by these benefactors.

Over the winter a tremendous amount of progress has been made, with the masonry work nearing completion and the timber-frame roof almost ready to be installed. Our goal is to get the church under roof and dried in this year, and then to continue work finishing both the temple and the trapeza as quickly as possible. Please pray that the good progress we have been making will continue, and that soon prayer and worship will be able to be offered to our benevolent God within these walls!

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