Progress Update on Construction Projects (October 2016)

Progress Update on Construction Projects (October 2016) - Holy Cross Monastery

Today the floor was poured for the new St. Herman's Building. After the cement settles for several days, the rest of the construction can proceed at a much faster rate. The interior walls are scheduled to go up early next week, and with God's help it will not be too long before the candle factory can begin operation.

Additionally, the main entrance road to the monastery has been closed off in order to complete necessary repairs and improvements and then to begin installing the new water and natural gas utility lines. If the Lord allows, we will have natural gas running to our furnaces in time for winter.

We have raised approximately half of the funds needed for this project. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our benefactors. Fundraising will continue throughout the duration of the project; if you have not already done so please consider supporting this project, not only for its own sake but also in order to allow us to begin construction on a new church as soon as possible afterward (we are targeting spring of next year).

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