Monastery News

Paschal Message of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia
On today’s “feast of feasts and solemnity of solemnities”, which, as Saint Gregory the Theologian proclaims, “is far exalted above all others – not only those which are merely human and are of the earth, but even those which are of Christ himself, and are celebrated in his honour – as the sun is above the stars” (Oration 45 on Holy Pascha), it is with great joy that I address you with the greeting that is both ancient and eternally new, which all are long accustomed to and yet which forever compels our hearts to soar aloft: CHRIST IS RISEN!
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Church Construction & Fundraising Update - Feb. 2024
By God’s grace, the construction of our new monastery church has continued to go extremely well. Since our last newsletter, we have finished installing the beautiful Douglas fir timber ceilings (on both the main church as well as the porch), plastered and painted the exterior walls of the church, installed the windows as well as a number of bells in the bell-tower, and lastly, built and erected both of the domes.
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No Continuing City - Seeking Our Heavenly Homeland
We begin the Lenten Fast with hymns reminding us of our lost Paradise. God created us in His image and likeness and called us to be in communion with Him. The purpose of our creation is to become gods by grace. Adam and Eve were tempted by the devil and deceived into thinking that deification could come through other means than the way God provided for them.
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