Monastery News

Update on the New Church - 02/22
Shortly after our newsletter went out last summer, we encountered several major temptations in the construction of our new monastery church. We were alerted by one of the primary suppliers (with whom we have had a long relationship ourselves) that our general contractor had repeatedly failed to pay for materials delivered to our jobsite.
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Fr. Seraphim Returns Home from the Hospital
Glory be to God, Fr. Seraphim was released from the hospital this afternoon and returned home to the monastery tonight after Vespers! We thank God for bringing our beloved abbot back to us, and we thank all the countless people who have joined together with us in prayer for his health and recovery. Please continue to keep these prayers up, as he regathers his strength and continues to undergo several related medical procedures in the coming days and weeks.
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New Contractors Resume Work on New Church
In advance of another incoming snowstorm this weekend, the new contractor we have hired is hard at work pouring the remaining footers for our new church. Next week they plan to tear down the portion of the block walls that was installed incorrectly by our former contractor, and from there to bring everything up to ground level as quickly as possible.
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